Monday, April 19, 2010

Welcome to Tom McAvity's Bankruptcy Blog

We all know that bankruptcies are at all time highs in the nation right now because of the subprime crisis and the subsequent foreclosure crisis that still plagues the nation. Most of us also know there's a lot more going on behind the scenes than that.

What Tom McAvity hopes to achieve with this blog is to impart some inside information about bankruptcy and how yes, it is a good thing for the people who need real relief. Predatory lending practices, subprime and ARM mortgages are just the big issues that pose(d) clear and present danger for American consumers. There's much more to this puzzle than what can be simply stated, and perhaps that's the reason for so many bankruptcy FAQs all over the net, the constant discussion of bankruptcy in the news, and the constant chatter on every street corner; I was laid off, my husband was laid off, we can't keep up with our mortgage, I'm spending my retirement and my child's college fund to keep up with house payments.

Tom McAvity has a sincere desire to help residents of Portland and Salem, Oregon, as well as residents of Vancouver, Washington, face their fear of financial hardship with the antidote of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.

It's not the end of the world. What really could be the end of the world would be consumers who really need to file for bankruptcy not doing so. Americans have a right to protection in the realm of finances. Given the harsh economic climate and the fact that many homeowners fell into mortgages that seemed great in the early 2000s but have turned out to put them in a horrible financial bind in the late 2000s, bankruptcy should not be the Scarlet Letter. Americans need to know that the truth about bankruptcy is hope for a future.

Thomas McAvity is a seasoned bankruptcy attorney serving Oregon and Washington states. More posts to come as we learn more everyday about what bankruptcy can do for those who need debt relief so badly.

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