Saturday, June 26, 2010

John Beardsley Bankruptcy | Consumer and Corporate Bankruptcy

According to a June article in the Portland Business Journal, Oregon property owner John Beardsley will be reorganizing his debt with bankruptcy, causing him to have to let go of the Oregon Pioneer and three other Oregon commercial properties. In another Beardsley bankruptcy which is specifically and strictly filing for the Beardsley's US building block, Beardsley is expected to retain ownership of the Fountain Village property.

Northwest Debt Relief Law Firm and Tom McAvity share this story as an example of an Oregon bankruptcy filing that shows that no one is exempt from the potential need for debt reorganization. When it's the right choice, it allows individuals to reorganize and get a fresh start.

It's important for consumers to understand that bankruptcy offers relief, and that the stigma attached to filing for bankruptcy is based on invalid and unvetted opinions -- not facts. The truth is that everyone from consumers with modest incomes all the way to massive corporations could have a need to file for bankruptcy. It's an option that American consumers are entitled to, and Tom McAvity offers the best in bankruptcy support in the Portland, Oregon area. NWDRLF also supports those in need of bankruptcy in Vancouver, Washington as well as Salem and Portland, Oregon.

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Downturn in Bankruptcy Filings Likely not to Last

According to the Wall Street Journal, the dip in bankruptcy filings in May are likely not representative of the "bigger picture" trend in bankruptcy filings in the U.S. moving through the rest of 2010. Tom McAvity and NWDRLF are here to help those who are still in need -- and urge you not to forget bankruptcy as a legitimate option in a time of financial crisis.

The Wall Street Journal's Sara Murray notes that even though bankruptcy was down for May, 2010, it was still higher by nine percent than May of 2009. Murray writes, "Consumers are still struggling with high unemployment and tight credit conditions, which can be particularly damaging to small businesses that are often funded by personal lines of credit." Tom McAvity and NWDRLF agree with this assessment and wish to reach out to those who have lost jobs and who are suffering from insurmountable credit card debt.

Personal bankruptcy in Portland, OR is no exception to these statistics. NWDRLF and Tom McAvity can offer you the support and guidance you need if Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 bankruptcy are viable option for you and your family.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Taxes and Bankruptcy: Do I have to file to file?

Yes, you will have to get current with your tax returns when you file for bankruptcy in Portland, OR. Tom McAvity explains why.

Don't get scared or let filing your tax returns deter you from beginning the bankruptcy process -- bankruptcy can help with debt to the IRS. While some people are so fearful of filing taxes during (or even before!) a bankruptcy, it is a part of the process that must be tended to during the Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing process with attorney Tom McAvity or any other bankruptcy lawyer in the U.S. You may even be eligible for discharging some of your taxes during a bankruptcy -- and this can provide a huge relief to you and your family.

Before you start wringing your hands and worrying about taxes you haven't filed, remember that you will have the protection of bankruptcy and the representation of a qualified Oregon bankruptcy attorney

For more information on discharging your taxes in bankruptcy, watch the following video.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bill Collector Harassment | Tom McAvity Suggestions

When faced with bill collector harassment, you do have options. There are some collections agencies who will inaccurately tell you that you are not eligible to file for bankruptcy. Whether or not you are entitles to bankruptcy is not up to collectors -- it is a matter between you and your bankruptcy attorney. You may or may not be eligible based on a number of unique circumstances. That said, Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 are great tools for debt relief for a number of people.

Tom McAvity and Northwest Debt Relief Law Firm can tell you what options may best suit your needs based on the various aspects of your financial circumstances. There are many options in debt relief outside of bankruptcy, and you can discuss these options with a debt relief counselor or attorney who knows the ins and outs of the laws.

You do have fair options available to you -- it's your right as a consumer to seek aid in the form of bankruptcy or other forms of debt relief. Tom McAvity can help you discover what your options are. While many argue that bankruptcy is not a viable option, it is an extremely effective way for consumers just like you to create a fresh start and get credit card debt and mortgages under control.

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Explained

Here's another great YouTube video from Miranda Chuck. In this clip, Miranda explains exactly how Chapter 13 bankruptcy works, and who it may or may not be a good fit for. Tom McAvity knows that many people fear bankruptcy because they simply don't have a clear idea of what it is. In order to make a decision about bankruptcy, consumers MUST know EXACTLY what it is and what the positive and negative impacts are. Chapter 13 can stop a foreclosure and allow between 3 to 5 years for consumers to repay a portion of their debt or all of it depending on their unique Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing.

Here's Miranda Chuck discussing Chapter 13 bankruptcy for individuals:

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Definition

In this greatly detailed video, a knowledgable CPA describes Chapter 7 bankruptcy, exactly what it means, and exactly how it works. Miranda Chuck explains how discharging debt allows for consumers to have a fresh start. Please review this very well-thought out discussion of Chapter 7. If you have any questions following the video, please contact Tom McAvity for more information or to schedule a free bankruptcy consultation.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Portland Bankruptcy | Does Bankruptcy Clear Student Loans?

According to a recent New York Times article written by Ron Lieber, the current state of bankruptcy law makes it extremely difficult if not impossible for most people to wipe out student loans with bankruptcy filing. Tom McAvity has been following the trends, and it appears as though a number of congresspersons are determined to help people get rid of student loan debt with bankruptcy, especially in cases where loans were disbursed from lenders such as Sallie Mae.

While we wait for more fair rulings where student loans and bankruptcy are concerned, many people struggle, knowing that they can't pay their mortgage, car payment, and other lines of credit in addition to their student loans. For these people, Tom McAvity can assess their unique situation and determine if bankruptcy filing in Portland will help to lessen the financial burden -- even if student loans are not wiped out by bankruptcy.

In his New York Time article Ron Lieber argues that it's insanity that a person can wipe out the debt they owe on an expensive luxury car while someone who simply wanted to educate himself is unable to clear a debt for having done so.

If you are struggling with debt associated with student loans in addition to a an ARM mortgage and/or other heavy debt, Tom McAvity can tell you there is hope through debt relief. Bankruptcy may be a good fit for you. To find out, call 1-866-601-1918 for a FREE bankruptcy consultation.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bankruptcy Attorney Tom McAvity: May 2010 Bankruptcy Filings Highest in 5 Years

If you didn't believe that bankruptcy had become a wise choice for millions of Americans, the you may want to consider what the Reuters recently reported. According to the Reuters article by Jonathan Stempel, bankruptcy filings for May 2010 fell into the second highest number of filings in the U.S. since 2005. What Stempel tells us is that just because the markets may be on the rise in some sectors, this is not a direct reflection of what the average American is going through financially.

Stempel quotes Mike Bickford, president of AACER as saying, "Just because the economy gets better doesn't mean that consumers can work off cascading debt problems that surfaced earlier," So what does this mean? The bottom line is that this is the truth. Bankruptcy is a viable option that many people who should are not taking advantage of. Some out of fear, some out of shame, some because they don't want a bad credit report.

Tom McAvity and NWDRLF can tell you that your credit score will only improve if you are a candidate for bankruptcy and you use it as a tool to reorganize your debt before it spirals completely out of control. You have options -- and not only are they there for you, you are entitled to them as a consumer. Make use of your options. Get a fresh start with the help of Tom McAvity.

Everything we need to know about the reality of this economy is out there -- millions of people need help, and the Northwest Debt Relief Law Firm and Tom McAvity want you to succeed and repair your credit. Call today for a FREE bankruptcy consultation by dialing 1-866-601-1918.