Thursday, October 6, 2011

How Divorce And Individual Bankruptcy Are Interconnected

It's really no secret that finances can be the cause of marital troubles, but some couples can get their financial life back together if they file bankruptcy before divorce. For lots of people there remains an adverse stigma about individual bankruptcy, but if financial troubles are part of the dissension within their partnership, personal bankruptcy might make dividing up any marriage assets simpler.

Typically, before a couple experiences their divorce, they are going to sit with their legal representatives to ascertain how any assets, as well as liabilities are partioned. Depending upon the sort of liabilities they have accrued over their marriage, filing for bankruptcy, as a pair, can decrease the volume of liability one or both partners will shoulder through the proceedings. However, if one partner has significantly more individual liability than the other, that individual could possibly consider bankruptcy alone.

That's where it can get sticky, as the individual bankruptcy court may think that bankruptcy by only one of the partners is only an effort to hide assets that might otherwise be susceptible to the division of any assets. Due to the fact child support, spousal alimony and many other financial responsibilities can't be cleared during individual bankruptcy, couples find it quicker to go through with their personal bankruptcy before they declare divorce.

The moment bankruptcy has been finished, the couple will probably have fewer assets to divide in their divorce. Furthermore, some lenders think about the bankruptcy and future divorce as mitigating conditions when either applies for a loan. Not surprisingly, that doesn't mean credit can be easily obtained, considering that the bankruptcy will go on both credit reports, but some lenders are a little more understanding in this scenario.

Considering that credit bureaus must maintain separate credit rating files on both companions, if one files for bankruptcy, it may possibly not affect the other's credit worthiness that drastically. Additionally, an individual bankruptcy attorney can answer most questions on filing before a divorce, but Chapter 7 might not be an option if their earnings are high enough to support payments for a Chapter 13 filing. A pending divorce and the possibility of reduced assets aren't usually taken into mind for either type of bankruptcy filing.

In the event you and your partner are in financial trouble and are thinking about bankruptcy before you divorce, it's crucial to seek assistance from a certified bankruptcy legal professional. A bankruptcy legal professional can help you understand what your best next steps are and help protect you from making the wrong move, in the wrong order. To give yourself the very best chance for bettering your financial situation, consider a professional bankruptcy lawyer before filing for divorce or personal bankruptcy.

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