Thursday, May 13, 2010

Filing Bankruptcy in Washinton Bankruptcy: Pre-Bankruptcy in Steps

There are some steps that Tom McAvity recommends taking when you may be facing filing for bankruptcy in Washington. Here are some of the steps you may want to take in terms of pre-bankruptcy planning.

a) Put it on paper: Do an assessment of what you owe to creditors by making a list of who they are, then pull up all of your old statements and write down how much you owe each individual creditor. Chances are that you will have both unsecured and secured debt. If you're not sure which debt you have falls under which category, then don't fret over it -- just compile what you have and your Washington bankruptcy attorney can help you figure out the rest from there.

b) Evaluate the dollar value of your vehicle(s): If you don't know the value of your car offhand, then you can look it up by visiting the Kelley Blue Book Web site. Put these figures down on paper, and don't forget to include things like RVs, boats, off-road vehicles, and even golf carts.

c) Figure out how much your home is worth: From the day you purchased your home until today, your home has depreciated (unless you are a rare exception in this economy). If you are not aware of the current value, you can figure it out by visiting a very helpful Web site called Zillow. Once you have visited Zillow, make a note of your findings; this will help Tom McAvity and the NWDRLF Washington bankruptcy attorneys when assessing your bankruptcy needs.

These are just a few of the major things you'll want to have figured out for the pre-bankruptcy process. You can always get help from Tom McAvity and NWDRLF if you just don't know where to begin. Remember that millions of people are struggling. Assessing your debt and preparing for bankruptcy will create debt relief for you and your family.

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