Sunday, May 23, 2010

Vancouver, WA Bankruptcy Attorneys can Help You

If you have been contemplating bankruptcy and think you'd like to begin the process but just don't know where to begin, it is time for you to contact Vancouver, WA bankruptcy attorney Tom McAvity. There are many options, and you likely have not been presented with all of the debt relief options you may be eligible for.

Most consumers with a great deal of debt, whether from credit cards, medical bills, or an upside down mortgage will be eligible for either Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 bankruptcy filings. There are other options, such as home loan modification, debt consolidation, and other debt relief options. Tom McAvity and other bankruptcy attorneys with Northwest Debt Relief Law Firm will not know which of these options best suits your unique financial needs until he or she has reviewed your information. The good news is that all NWDRLF consultations for bankruptcy are free, and you will have 24-hour access to your case file through our secure online portal.

We know that you probably don't know what lies ahead for you and your family financially, and we also know how scary that can be. But what bankruptcy offers is a fresh start, and a way for you to step out of that fear and move on with your life. Tom McAvity and the NWDRLF want you to have a fair chance at a great future. Call us today for a free bankruptcy consultation by dialing 1-866-601-1918.

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