Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Foreclosure Defense and Filing Bankruptcy in Vancouver

Bankruptcy Attorney Thomas McAvity has helped many people face bankruptcy in Washington, and for many of these people the main focus has been foreclosure defense. Why? Because most of the millions upon millions of bankruptcies being filed are the result of home foreclosures caused by sub-prime and ARM mortgages.

Using Chapter 13 bankruptcy to protect yourself from predatory lenders will allow you to move on financially. If you qualify for Chapter 13 you will be offered debt reorganization and you will be assigned a trustee from the bankruptcy court. This trustee will handle all of your debt in a consolidated manner, and you will only need to make one payment which will cover all of the debt you owe to your mortgage company and any other creditors that you owe. Scheduling a free consultation with attorney Thomas McAvity can help you and your Washington bankruptcy attorney figure out which form of bankruptcy best suits your unique needs.

If you are interested in Chapter 13 bankruptcy and think you may qualify, call Thomas McAvity and the Northwest Debt Relief Law Firm today by dialing 1-866-601-1918.

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