Friday, June 4, 2010

Portland Bankruptcy | Does Bankruptcy Clear Student Loans?

According to a recent New York Times article written by Ron Lieber, the current state of bankruptcy law makes it extremely difficult if not impossible for most people to wipe out student loans with bankruptcy filing. Tom McAvity has been following the trends, and it appears as though a number of congresspersons are determined to help people get rid of student loan debt with bankruptcy, especially in cases where loans were disbursed from lenders such as Sallie Mae.

While we wait for more fair rulings where student loans and bankruptcy are concerned, many people struggle, knowing that they can't pay their mortgage, car payment, and other lines of credit in addition to their student loans. For these people, Tom McAvity can assess their unique situation and determine if bankruptcy filing in Portland will help to lessen the financial burden -- even if student loans are not wiped out by bankruptcy.

In his New York Time article Ron Lieber argues that it's insanity that a person can wipe out the debt they owe on an expensive luxury car while someone who simply wanted to educate himself is unable to clear a debt for having done so.

If you are struggling with debt associated with student loans in addition to a an ARM mortgage and/or other heavy debt, Tom McAvity can tell you there is hope through debt relief. Bankruptcy may be a good fit for you. To find out, call 1-866-601-1918 for a FREE bankruptcy consultation.

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