Saturday, June 26, 2010

John Beardsley Bankruptcy | Consumer and Corporate Bankruptcy

According to a June article in the Portland Business Journal, Oregon property owner John Beardsley will be reorganizing his debt with bankruptcy, causing him to have to let go of the Oregon Pioneer and three other Oregon commercial properties. In another Beardsley bankruptcy which is specifically and strictly filing for the Beardsley's US building block, Beardsley is expected to retain ownership of the Fountain Village property.

Northwest Debt Relief Law Firm and Tom McAvity share this story as an example of an Oregon bankruptcy filing that shows that no one is exempt from the potential need for debt reorganization. When it's the right choice, it allows individuals to reorganize and get a fresh start.

It's important for consumers to understand that bankruptcy offers relief, and that the stigma attached to filing for bankruptcy is based on invalid and unvetted opinions -- not facts. The truth is that everyone from consumers with modest incomes all the way to massive corporations could have a need to file for bankruptcy. It's an option that American consumers are entitled to, and Tom McAvity offers the best in bankruptcy support in the Portland, Oregon area. NWDRLF also supports those in need of bankruptcy in Vancouver, Washington as well as Salem and Portland, Oregon.

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