Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Downturn in Bankruptcy Filings Likely not to Last

According to the Wall Street Journal, the dip in bankruptcy filings in May are likely not representative of the "bigger picture" trend in bankruptcy filings in the U.S. moving through the rest of 2010. Tom McAvity and NWDRLF are here to help those who are still in need -- and urge you not to forget bankruptcy as a legitimate option in a time of financial crisis.

The Wall Street Journal's Sara Murray notes that even though bankruptcy was down for May, 2010, it was still higher by nine percent than May of 2009. Murray writes, "Consumers are still struggling with high unemployment and tight credit conditions, which can be particularly damaging to small businesses that are often funded by personal lines of credit." Tom McAvity and NWDRLF agree with this assessment and wish to reach out to those who have lost jobs and who are suffering from insurmountable credit card debt.

Personal bankruptcy in Portland, OR is no exception to these statistics. NWDRLF and Tom McAvity can offer you the support and guidance you need if Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 bankruptcy are viable option for you and your family.

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