Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ask Tom McAvity: Okay, Filing Bankruptcy is for Me… Now What?

Once you realize bankruptcy is the right choice, chances are you'll want to get started right away – but Tom McAvity will tell you that while bankruptcy in Salem may be for you, it doesn't happen overnight. As soon as you’ve decided on bankruptcy, stop charging up any credit cards under your name – quitting charging altogether is recommended. The bankruptcy court will review your credit history for the past 90 days, and this will include a review of your credit card history. This is done to establish whether or not you're trying to start making better financial choices as a preliminary step to filing bankruptcy in Vancouver.

Add up the total income brought into the house each month. Review the difference in what you make versus what you owe in general and on a monthly basis. If you are running out of money at the end of each month, bring evidence of this to bankruptcy lawyer Tom McAvity. Your bankruptcy attorney needs to know how things are going for each and every 30-day period to plan your bankruptcy filing in Vancouver or Portland.

If you’re ready to begin the pre-bankruptcy process, call Tom McAvity by dialing 1-866-601-1918 for a free bankruptcy consultation. Our experienced Portland and Vancouver bankruptcy lawyers can help you get started with your bankruptcy.

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