Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Can I File Bankruptcy if I Already Have Before?

You can still file for bankruptcy in Vancouver or Portland after having filed previously, so long as you meet the requirements for another bankruptcy (either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 personal bankruptcy. With Chapter 13 you may refile bankruptcy again after two years, but the new bankruptcy must also be a Chapter 13.

In addition to the above caveats, you must:

  • have lived in Oregon or Washington for at least 90 days to file Chapter 13
  • petition for Chapter 13 bankruptcy with the appropriate bankruptcy court
  • await the bankruptcy court's acceptance of your petition -- they will send you a notice listing all of the creditors you owe
  • await the court's appointment of a trustee to your bankruptcy case -- if you haven't heard anything and you feel you should have, get in touch with Thomas McAvity, your Vancouver bankruptcy attorney right away

Anything beyond this will depend on your unique bankruptcy case -- as they say about snowflakes, each of us is different, and so are our bankruptcy filings.

Above all, what you need to understand more than any of the confusing details is that there is help for you, you are entitled to it, and you can reach out to bankruptcy lawyer Thomas McAvity for help. A healthy financial life is in your future, but you have to choose it for yourself before anyone can help – but once you choose, help will be on the way.

Please call Thomas McAvity and the NWDRLF team by dialing 1-866-601-1918 or simply click here to send an e-mail directly.

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