Saturday, May 1, 2010

Tom McAvity's Chapter 7 versus Chapter 13: which works for you?

Have you ever been told -- whether to your face or through experience -- that bankruptcy is a bad thing? Perhaps you've been told or made to understand that filing for personal bankruptcy is bad for your reputation. Tom McAvity is here to tell you otherwise.
Personal bankruptcy, whether it is a Chapter 7 asset liquidation, or a Chapter 13 reorganization of debt, can both be good if they are geared toward the proper candidate.
When faced with financial hardship that is costing you more than it should financially, emotionally, and mentally, the time comes to consider one of these two types of bankruptcy.
Tom McAvity and his team at NWDRLF can help you to decide which of these two options in personal bankruptcy makes the most sense for you. Some of the deciding factors may be:

  • Are you a sole proprietor of a small business?
  • Are you a homeowner behind on mortgage payments?
  • Do you own commercial and/or other real property?
  • Are your bills mainly due to credit card debt?
  • Are you behind on bills but think you could catch up if you could just catch a break?
  • Have you been laid off or had a layoff in the family?

Tom McAvity will look at the answers to these questions and tailor either a Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 bankruptcy plan that will serve you and your financial future best.

You can always direct any questions you have to Tom McAvity by contacting NWDRLF at 1-866-601-1918. Please, let us know how we can help you today!

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