Thursday, July 1, 2010

Consumer Bankruptcy Filings Rise in Middle Class

A PRWEB news release on June 30th notes that according to the Institute for Financial Literacy's Annual Consumer Bankruptcy Demographic Report, the effects of consumer and personal bankruptcy are more widespread across sectors of middle class America than ever before during what we now know as the "Great Recession."

The report suggests that consumers in need of bankruptcy in years past were those who earned $30,000 USD or less. According to the report, the yearly salary range for those seeking debt relief are in the group of consumers who make $60,000 USD per year or more. This is a massive shift statistically, but it helps to paint a clearer picture regarding those are in need of bankruptcy or other debt relief help. These numbers make sense to Tom McAvity; he and NWDRLF assist potential bankruptcy applicants everyday and can attest to the fact that the need for bankruptcy in Vancouver, Washington and Portland, Oregon is no longer discriminating any group of consumers.

What’s the bottom line? These statistics tell Tom McAvity and other bankruptcy attorneys that those who need their help are not in any one demographic anymore — it's a need that has swept the nation. That said, all consumers who might be in denial of their need to file for bankruptcy could be doing themselves a disservice.

If you are among the group in need of debt relief in Vancouver, WA or in the Salem or Portland, OR areas, consider having a free consultation with Tom McAvity and NWDRLF. All you have to do is call 1-866-601-1918 — and remember, the consultation is free and confidential.

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