Saturday, July 10, 2010

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Vancouver, WA

Though Tom McAvity has posted a thorough YouTube video on this blog previously, it's always a good idea to have a refresher course when it comes to bankruptcy because consumers need to have at least a cursory understanding of what it means to file for chapter 7 bankruptcy in Vancouver, WA.

So what is chapter 7 bankruptcy? What are the implications exactly? Chapter 7 discharges a consumer from his or her debt entirely, allowing him or her to "walk away from" the debts owed to creditors. It is a permanent decision once enforced by the bankruptcy court under federal bankruptcy statutes. Tom McAvity can tell you that by removing all the debts a consumer owes, creditors are no longer allowed to call, e-mail, or otherwise attempt to contact the debtor who has filed for chapter 7.

There is great protection in chapter 7 if the shoe fits for your particular bankruptcy needs. If you'd like to speak to Tom McAvity and get a feel for what filing for bankruptcy in Vancouver can do for you, please call our Vancouver office by dialing 360-828-0110.

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