Thursday, July 22, 2010

Rangers Bankruptcy | is it keeping them from signing free agents?

According to a recent article in BizJournal the bankruptcy filing of the Rangers Major League Baseball club is having difficulty signing both new free agents and international ball players who previously may have signed with the team undaunted. Nolan Ryan, the president of the Rangers ball club was the first to admit the bankruptcy's long reaching and heavy hitting aftershocks. Could this push the Rangers into further financial issues? After all, if the team can't win games because they are not competitive it will obviously eventually cost them endorsements and commercial sponsors.

Tom McAvity and other lawyers around the country know that filing for personal bankruptcy is a good choice for individuals who are in insurmountable debt caused caused by an upside-down mortgage, medical bills, and credit card bills. But what can bankruptcy mean for big business? As we have seen with the Rangers, the effects can be serious, and perhaps baseball is a good metaphor for what can happen with other large businesses with a great deal to lose financially.

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