Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tom McAvity :: What is a Bankruptcy Discharge

In the world of Oregon and Washington bankruptcy, a bankruptcy discharge is the same as it is anywhere else in the country. Here's the breakdown from Tom McAvity.

By definition, a discharge in bankruptcy means a legal release from debt owed to creditors. But there is a wider-reaching implication to a bankruptcy discharge in Vancouver or anywhere else. For example, one of the many implications regards creditors and collectors.

Once your debt has gone into discharge, creditors are no longer allowed to contact the person whose debt has been discharged. There are however some misconceptions. For example, there may be debt owed by a consumer that is NOT a part of their bankruptcy discharge. In this instance, not only will the debt still be owed, but the creditor to which the debt is owed may still contact the consumer. Tom McAvity can help explain what your discharge will include and/or not include based on your unique bankruptcy case in Salem or Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA.

Call Tom McAvity today for more information on bankruptcy discharge and how it could help your financial circumstances.

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